Foto Femme United - May 2019
Women Turning the Lens and Dialogue on Sex Wok
Article by Emily Rose Larsen

Mr NYC - June 2018
Barbara Nitke, Legendary NYC Photographer
Interview by Tony

The Lost Lectures - April 2014
Barbara Nitke: American Ecstasy
Lecture at the Knockdown Center, Queens NY

Dazed and Confused - December 2013
American Ecstasy: Passion vs. Practicality in NY Photographer Barbara Nitke’s X-Rated Porn Memoir
Article by Sian Dolding

Slate - May 2013
An X-Rated Trip Down Memory Lane
Article by Daphne Denis

The Rialto Report - April 2013
Barbara Nitke: Porn’s On Set Photographer
Interview with Ashley West

Vice Magazine - February 2012
American Ecstasy - A Chat about Porn with Barbara Nitke
Article by Karley Sciortino

Gothamist - February 2012
”Want a Closer Look at the 1980’s Porn Industry in NYC?”
Article by Jen Carlson

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom - March 20, 2006
Ruling on the Supreme Court Appeal for CDA Lawsuit
Press Release announcing results of Nitke vs. Ashcroft lawsuit

Harper’s Magazine - October 2005
Debbie Does Salad: The Food Network at the Frontiers of Pornography
Article by Fred Kaufman

New York Times - July 2005
An Online Artist Challenges Obscenity Law
Article by Randy Kennedy

New York Observer - November 1, 2004
The Sweetheart of S. and M.
Article by Lizzie Ratner