Barbara Nitke CV

Barbara Nitke (b. 1950, Lynchburg, VA)


Selected One-Person Shows:

2014         American Ecstasy, One Eyed Jacks Gallery, Brighton England
2012          American Ecstasy, Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2010          Smooth Hotel,  Gansevoort 69, New York
2004          Illuminata: Are You Curious?  Art@Large, New York
2004          Kiss of Fire, Radiant Light Gallery, Portland, ME
2002          Twenty Years,  Art@Large Gallery, New York
2000          Private Moments,  Barrister's Gallery, New Orleans, LA
1999          Barbara Nitke: Private Moments,  Musselman Gallery, Provincetown, MA
1994          Resurrection,  Camera Club of New York, New York, NY
1991          Barbara Nitke, Photographic Museum of Finland  (traveling exhibition)  

Selected Group Shows:

2019 Photography After Stonewall, Soho Photo, NYC
2015          For Love or Money, Kinsey Institute, Bloomington, IN
2015          Irreverent,  curated by Jennifer Tyburczy, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, NYC
2014          Alternatives,  Galerii Noorus, Tartu, Estonia
2013          Past/Present,  Kinsey Institute, Bloomington, IN
2012          Another Country: Photographs from the Rogers Collection, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, NH
2012          Alternavites, Gallery BE’19, Helsinki, Finland
2012          Alternatives, Galleria Emil, Tampere, Finland
2012          Lewd, Curated by Greg Garry, Krause Gallery, NYC
2010          The Exquisite Landscape, International Center for Photography, NYC
2009          Cupido 25th Anniversary Show, Oslo, Norway
2008          Chelsea Hotel Through the Eyes of Photographers, Chelsea Hotel, NYC
2006          Bearings: The Female Figure, curated by Allen Frame, PS 122 Gallery, NYC
2005          A Knock at the Door, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC
2004          Body Commodities/Queer Packaging, WORKS/San Jose, CA
2003          Boys of Summer:  Photographs of and about Men, ClampArt, NYC
2002          NYC Sex:  How New York City Transformed Sex in America,, Curated by Grady Turner, Museum of Sex, NYC
2002          Continuum, Kipp Gallery, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
2002          Multi Exposures, Radiant Light Gallery, Portland, ME
2002          Out Like That, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD!), NY
2002          Women on Board, Barbara Levy Gallery, Fire Island, NY
2000          Living is Easy, Richard Anderson Fine Arts, NY
2000          Fire Island 2000, Barbara Levy Gallery, Fire Island, NY
2000          Mettre a Nu: the Body Exposed, Radiant Light Gallery, Portland, ME
1999          Bodywork:  the Sacred and Profane, Radiant Light Gallery, Portland, ME
1999          8th Lesbian & Gay Photo Annual, Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation, NYC
1998          Kink:  A Woman’s Perspective, Leather Archives & Museum, Chicago
1997          Sacred Tattoo, The Body Archive, New York, NY
1996          Religious Expressions, Lightzones Gallery, NY
1996          Tatoo, Staten Island Studio Museum, NY
1995          Erotic Materials, MBM Gallery, New York, NY
1995          Two Sisters, Youth and Cultural Center of Oulu, Finland
1994          Two Sisters, Galleria Be’ 19, Helsinki, Finland


Kinsey Institute, Bloomington, IN
John Teti Library and Special Collections, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, NH
Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki
Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago
Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art
Museum of Sex, New York


American Ecstasy
Introduction Arthur C. Danto, New York, Pierrot Press, 2012

Kiss of Fire:  A Romantic View of Sadomasochism
Introduction A. D. Coleman,  Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg, 2003

Selected Books:

Anais Carayon.  La Chose.  Paris:  Prive Publishing, 2016

Kaufman, Frederick.  A Short History of the American Stomach. New York:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2008

Steinberg, David.  Photo Sex:  Fine Art Sexual Photography Comes of Age.  Sqn Francisco:  Down There Press, 2003

Turner, Grady.  NYC Sex:  How New York City Transformed Sex in America.  London:  Scala Publishers, 2002

Maddex, Alison.  Sex in the City:  An Illustrated History.  New York:  Universe Publishing, 2002

Krell, Alan.  The Devil’s Rope:  A Cultural History of Barbed Wire.  London:  Reaktion Books, 2002


Selected Publications:

Pursley, Angela:  “Barbara Nitke: American Ecstasy”, Hunger TV, May 2015

Dolding, Sian:  “American Ecstasy: Passion vs. Practicality in NY Photographer Barbara Nitke’s X-Rated Porn Memoir”
Dazed and Confused, December 2013

Denis, Daphnee:  “An X-Rated Trip Down Memory Lane”, Slate Behold, May 2013

Martin, Nathan C:  “The Porn Romantic:  An Interview with Barbara Nitke”, Press Street, November, 2012

Mirabelli, Gene:  “American Ecstasy”, Critical Pages, October 2012

Sciortino, Karley:  “American Ecstasy – A Chat about Porn with Barbara Nitke”, Vice Magazine, February 2012

Carlson, Jen:  “Want a Closer Look at the 1980’s Porn Industry in NYC?”, Gothamist, February 2012

Kaufman, Frederick:  “Debbie Does Salad:  The Food Network at the Frontiers of Pornography”, Harper’s Magazine, October 2005

Kennedy, Randy:  “An Online Artist Challenges Obscenity Law”, New York Times, July 2005

Ratner, Lizzie:  “The Sweetheart of S. and M.”, New York Observer, November 2004

Ford, Dave:  “Photographer Shoots to Expose the Romanic Side of SM”, San Francisco Chronicle, September 2004

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Strausbaugh, John:  “Publishing: What’s Obscene in Podunk”, New York Press, August 2002

Schabner, Dean:  “Love of Obscenity”  S/M Photographer Challenges Internet Decency Standards”,, July 2002

Bowman, David:  “Ashcroft in Bondage: An Interview with SM photographer Barbara Nitke about her Lawsuit Against
the Attorney General, her Art, and the Thousand-Yard-Stare” Salon,com, July 2002

Steinberg, David:  “Standing Up to Be Counted:  Barbara Nitke Challenges John Ashcroft on SM and Internet Obscenity”
Spectator Magazine, January 2002

Trebay, Guy:  “Slap Happy: Two Photographers Document the SM Life”, Village Voice, November 1998


Selected Public Appearances:

2017 “Panel: The Kinsey Institute and Changing Cultural Contexts:
60 Years After US v. 31 Photographs” Kinsey Institute, Bloomington, IN
2015          “Irreverent Artist and Curator Panel”  Leslie Lohman speaker series, NY
2014          “Lost Lectures” The Knockdown Centre, NY
2012          American Ecstasy Slide Show, Press Street, New Orleans, LA
2009          The Judith Regan Show, Sirius Satellite Radio, NY
2006          Slide show and talk, Columbia University, NY
2006          “New Forms, New Venues: Sexual Fine Art Outside the Porn Paradigm”
Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Los Angeles, CA
2006          “Criminal Art” slide show and panel discussion, Museum of Sex, NY
2005          “A Knock at the Door” panel discussion, LMCC at Cooper Union, NYC
2005          “Criminal Art” slide show and talk, The Eulenspeigel Society, NYC
2005          “Art and Activism” slide show and talk, Gay Male SM Activists, NYC
2004          Human Sexuality Educational Show, Columbia University Television
2003          “Kiss of Fire” slide show, Museum of Sex, New York, NY
2003          Panel discussion/slide show, Gershwin Hotel, NY
2003          “Naked New York” with Bob Berkowitz, Metro TV, New York
2002          Kidd Chris Show, 93.7 KXOA, Sacramento, CA
2001          "Lovers, Masters and Slaves" New School for Social Research, NYC
2000          "Sexual Freedom Through the Arts Panel" Matrix, Philladelphia, PA
2000          "Sexual Journey" New School for Social Research, NYC
2000          "Lovers and Other Strangers" slide show and talk, Sexuality Series at the Gay and Lesbian Center, NYC
1998          “Lovers” Slide Show, The Camera Club of New York
1998            Barnes & Noble, NYC panel discussion for “Erotic New York”
1998            Tower Books, NYC, panel discussion for “Erotic New York”
1997          “A Woman’s Gaze” New School for Social Research
1996          “Lovers and Other Strangers” Rutger’s University
1996          “A Woman’s Gaze” New School for Social Research
1996          “Mondo Manhattan” Polish National Television
1995          “Real Personal” CNBC Television Networks, New York
1994          “New York and Company” WNYC Radio, New York
1994          “Good Morning, Finland” Finland National Television

Career Related Experience:

1992-present         Instructor at School of Visual Arts, New York
2008                      Master Class at ICP
2002-2006             President, The Camera Club of New York
1998-2000             Vice President, The Camera Club of New York